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Accessible Legal services is important to all of us, unfortunately so is time and money. SelectLegal was developed to provide fast, affordable and convenient legal services to everyday Australians online like never before. For legal support on matters ranging from Conveyancing, Wills & Estates, Commercial Law and more you will find a turnkey solution here at SelectLegal.


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In most cases, the entire process will be completed with these 3 quick and easy steps. SelectLegal has lawyers on call should require any further assistance. You can reach the team on (03) 9550 7499 should you have any further queries.


SelectLegal has lawyers on standby to support your application shall it be required.

Perhaps you have a question about one of our services? Dial (03) 9550 7499 for more.

About SelectLegal

SelectLegal is a Melbourne law firm taking pride in providing impeccable service with practical legal solutions whilst considering your hip-pocket. Our dynamic team have a vested interest in all matters in order to achieve our client’s desired outcome. The firm values long-lasting relationships with their clients and works hard to attract and retain the best people that align with their values. You won’t find the traditional suit and tie in the office given the relaxed nature of the firm (unless we’re in court representing you). The firm brings their experience to conveyancing, wills & estates, commercial transactions, dispute resolution and litigation, workplace relations and employment and corporate and commercial matters. Above all else, SelectLegal loves their work and working with good people.


SelectLegal has lawyers on standby to support your applications shall it be required,

perhaps you have a question about one of our services? Dial (03) 9550 7499 for more.