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We’re a team of conveyancing-focused lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of the law, provide exceptional service & can help you in the following areas.

Our expertise can help you to save time and money on your property transaction in both the short and long term.

We can help you to navigate everything from preparing for the sale through to the settlement with ease and efficiency.

We can help you navigate the process and avoid the pitfalls when transferring property titles.

We can provide advice & guidance on any legal issues that may arise on your path to settlement.

We hold your hand and guide you through buying your first property answering any questions you might have along the way.

Our team can help to ensure that the legal process goes smoothly & that your interests are protected.

We provide valuable expert guidance with the legal & regulatory frameworks governing commercial property transactions.

We understand dealing with a deceased estate be challenging and our compassionate team is here to support you.

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Professional and Compliant Conveyancing Services

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Select Legal is a trusted and experienced legal firm that specialises in providing personalised and efficient conveyancing services. Our team of legal experts is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our goal is to simplify property transactions and minimise any difficulties or stress that may arise during the process.

We understand the importance of customer service when it comes to understanding the practices of buying or selling your property, whether you’re an investor or first home buyer. Our focus is on providing transparent and efficient services, with clear communication at every step of the way.

Our tailored business model provides a fixed low price and exceptional professional service. We cater to our clients needs by providing, friendly and professional conveyancing services to all parts of Victoria. Our clients range from The Mornington Peninsula to Woodend and beyond the Melbourne CBD.

With Select Legal, you can be confident that your property transaction is in safe hands.

Why You Would Need Select Legal

The involvement of professional licensed conveyancers is essential in property transactions to ensure proper handling of the process and safeguard your investment. Here are some reasons why.

A conveyancer possesses legal knowledge and expertise to ensure compliance with legal & conveyancing requirements and a smooth transaction process.

To ensure fairness and protection of your interests, a conveyancer can examine the sale or purchase contract.

A conveyancer is able to conduct due diligence checks on a property, which involve reviewing title searches, zoning and planning searches, and other essential checks to confirm that there are no unexpected issues.

A conveyancer can assist in managing the settlement process, including communication with relevant parties such as banks.

Hiring a professional conveyancer can provide assurance that your property transaction is being handled competently and in your best interests.

A professional conveyancer can assist with the intricate process of buying or selling property, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and providing reassurance that the transaction is being handled appropriately.

Property Transactions

Different types of property transactions have unique legal and financial considerations. To make informed decisions when buying or selling property, it’s essential to understand these differences. Whether you’re dealing with residential sales or commercial leases, each type of transaction has its own requirements. This article will explore the most common property transactions, helping you gain a broad understanding of your options.

Residential Property Transactions Melbourne

Residential Property Transactions

Residential property transactions involve buying and selling homes, apartments, and other residential properties. These transactions require consideration of legal and financial factors. Location, property condition, and price are important. Legal factors include title searches, contract negotiations, and settlement processes. Buyers may need financing and building inspections, while sellers may require real estate agents and property staging.

Commercial Property Transactions Melbourne

Commercial Property Transactions

Commercial property transactions involve the purchase and sale of properties used for commercial purposes, such as office buildings, retail spaces, and warehouses. These transactions are typically more intricate than residential ones and require specialized knowledge and expertise for a favorable result.

The process involves negotiations regarding lease agreements, rental rates, and other commercial terms. Buyers must consider factors such as the property’s location, potential for growth and development, and zoning requirements.

During commercial property transactions, due diligence is conducted, which includes environmental assessments, building inspections, and legal searches. These checks are performed to uncover any potential problems that may impact the property’s value or appropriateness for its intended use.

When it comes to commercial property transactions, a higher level of expertise and attention to detail is necessary compared to residential transactions. It is important to work with experienced professionals in both legal and real estate fields to ensure a successful outcome for all parties involved.

Benefits Of Using Select Legals Conveyancing Services

Regardless of whether you are planning to buy or sell a property, Select Legal is ready to assist with the conveyancing process.

Our experienced conveyancers and property lawyers understand that you might have many questions about the whole conveyancing process.

Our conveyancers can explain anything you are unsure about, and we encourage our customers to ask any questions they might have.

The advantage of engaging Select Legal is that all your conveyancing needs are met, whether they be standard or extremely complex, where our solicitors can attend to additional legal work required which includes drafting special conditions, drafting agreements such as a licence agreement or lease, letters resolving disputes etc depending on the requirements of each matter.

Our knowledge of the process and attentive service (as shown in our Google Review history) is what sets us apart from others in this field. Depending on the needs you have, Select Legal is ideally qualified to handle your transaction and ensure your purchase or sale goes through all the required legal checkmarks.

We also have the expertise to perform electronic conveyancing using the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) digital property network.

Contact Select Legal today for all your conveyancing needs or request a quote which will only a few minutes.

Quality, Fixed-Fee Conveyancing from $990*

Experience peace of mind with a personalised conveyancing service from a seasoned lawyer.

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