How Much Is Land Tax In Victoria?

How Much Is Land Tax In Victoria

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Will I Need To Pay Land Tax In Victoria?

You may need to pay land tax if you own any property in Victoria if they fall into the following categories:

  • Investment properties
  • Commercial property
  • Holiday homes
  • Vacant land or other land ownership 

You however do not have to pay land tax on your home, as well as other exemptions listed below.

You pay land tax if the total taxable value of all the Victorian land you own, individually or jointly, as at 31 December, is equal to or exceeds $250,000 or $25,000 for trusts. Exempt land is not included in the total taxable value of land you own. The rate of tax you pay depends on the total taxable value of all your taxable land.

Land tax is different to vacant residential land tax, which applies to homes in inner and middle Melbourne that were vacant for more than six months in a calendar year.

What Land Is Exempt From Land Tax?

Land tax does not apply to exempt land, such as:

  • Your home, known as your principal place of residence 
  • Your farm, known as primary production land 
  • Rooming houses and charitable institutions.
  • If you rent out your primary home or change your address, the exemption ends and you must notify the applicable authority immediately.

How Does Land Tax Work?

In Victoria, land tax is paid based on the calendar year and assessed on the value of all property you held on 31 December of the previous year. So, for 2023, the State Revenue Office will take into account all taxable property you owned at midnight on 31 December 2022.

The value of land for the land tax threshold is not the same as the property value. So it doesn’t mean you’ll be immediately liable simply because you own a small investment property. The value that the State Revenue Office will take into account is the council site valuation or the unimproved value of your land.

From the 2020 land tax year, a 2% absentee owner surcharge on land tax applies to Victorian land owned by an absentee owner.

The only exception to this is the vacant residential land tax, which is calculated on the capital improved value of the land – or the value of the land, as well as any buildings or other improvements.

You can pay your land tax by credit card, BPAY View and via Autopay or instalments. If the options of paying at a Branch or in person at Australia Post outlets are listed on your assessment you can also pay by those methods.

We can also arrange payment plans for overdue assessments.

You can view your land tax assessments and land tax liability on the State Revenue Office site, which allows you to manage your land tax information quickly and easily. Register at the State Revenue Office to view and pay assessments, update property ownership information, apply for land tax exemptions, track the progress of enquiries and update your contact details for land tax.

Calculating Land Tax In Victoria

There are downloadable Land Tax Calculators available at the Stater Revenue Office. But alternatively like income tax, land tax is subject to a sliding scale with higher brackets paying a higher rate than those in lower brackets. For individuals those rates are as follows:

Total Taxable Value Of Land & The Land Tax Payable

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