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Look no further than Select Legal. We’re a law firm that specialises in property transactions and conveyancing. If you work with us, you’ll enjoy a quality, fixed-fee conveyancing service from $990*, where you’ll work one-on-one with a conveyancing lawyer who ensures your settlement is handled with the utmost care & expertise. Reach out using one of the buttons below. 

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Are you buying or selling a property in Frankston South?

Frankston South is a suburb located in the southeast of Melbourne, known for its affordable prices and ideal location for both living and working.

Select Legal is a Frankston South conveyancing lawyer and legal service that specializes in real estate transactions in the Frankston South and surrounding areas. We ensure that property owners have their rights and obligations fulfilled.

Our head office is located on Corporate Drive in Heatherton, which allows us to provide you with convenient local service.

Our dedicated conveyancing team of property professionals will assist you throughout the transaction process, ensuring all details are handled and providing exceptional value for money and customer service.

Select Legal is a widely known law firm for conveyancing services in Frankston. Our team of legal advisors has a wealth of experience in assisting individuals with home buying and selling, as well as offering a wide range of conveyancing services.

We are here to help you with any housing needs, such as buying or selling a house, property transfers, transfer of ownership, refinancing a mortgage, or moving within the area. If you would like more information about our conveyancing services in Frankston, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

About Frankston South, Victoria

Frankston South is a suburb located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The 2021 Census shows that the population of Frankston South is 18,801.

Frankston South has 7,393 dwellings.

Frankston South’s median house price is $1,200,000.

Frankston South’s median unit price is $737,000.

The median weekly household income in Frankston South is $2,038.

Median Rental income for Frankston South is $500.

Frankston South has a diverse range of housing options from single family homes to apartments and townhouses. There are also plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants and schools nearby.

Frankston South is a great place to live because it offers residents access to public transport, shopping centres, parks and sporting facilities.

Every metric within Frankston South shows that the suburb is expanding, consolidating an is a solid reliable suburb on the rise.

Frankston South is near Frankston, Frankston City Centre , Karingal, Mount Eliza, Carrum Downs, Carrum and Cranbourne.

Property Investing Opportunities In Frankston South?

Are you interested in investment opportunities in Melbourne or Australia? Frankston, Australia may be a viable option for investment if you are interested. The suburb is known for its properties that have high yields and excellent investment potential.

Frankston South is situated in the south-eastern region of Melbourne. This area is known for its diversity and excellent infrastructure. There are many schools in the area, as well as hospitals like Frankston  Hospital, Peninsula Private and Cranbourne Centre, shopping centers like Frankston Shopping Centre, Karingal Hub and Frankston Power Centre, restaurants, cafes, parks, and other amenities in the neighborhood.

Investors are attracted to investing in real estate in Frankston South due to its proximity to the CBD and the availability of good public transport services. Furthermore, the suburb has convenient access to major roads including Nepean Highway, Peninsula Link, Thompson Rd, South Gippsland Highway, and Eastlink.

Why Choose Select Legal Team For Conveyancing In Frankston South

Whether you are buying or selling a property, Select Legal is prepared to help with the conveyancing process.

Our professional conveyancing solicitors are provided by experienced conveyancers, property lawyers, and lawyers who are knowledgeable about the conveyancing services and understand that you may have questions.

Our staff is available to provide explanations for any uncertainties you may have regarding conveyancing matters or general legal advice. We encourage our customers to ask questions and aim to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience with peace of mind.

One advantage of using Select Legal is that they can handle all your conveyancer & conveyancing services needs, no matter if they are simple or complicated. Their solicitors can assist with various legal tasks such as transfer of title, title searches, purchase matters, sale of units, commercial property, residential sales, contract of sale, drafting special conditions, exchange of contracts, resolving disputes, and addressing other legal issues as required for each case.

Our knowledge of the process and attentive service differentiate us from others in this field, as evidenced by our positive Google Review history. Select Legal is well-equipped to handle your transaction and ensure all necessary legal requirements are met for your purchase or sale.

We also have the expertise to perform electronic conveyancer & conveyancing services using the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) digital property network.

Contact Select Legal today for conveyancing excellence and all your conveyancer & conveyancing services needs and request a quote which will only a few minutes. Click the button below to get started or call us on 03 9550 7499

Our Expert Conveyancing Services In Frankston South

We’re a team of conveyancing-focused lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of the law, provide exceptional service & can help you in the following areas.

Buying Property

Our team is dedicated to facilitating a seamless buying experience. We conduct a thorough review of the property title and associated documents, ensuring that there are no hidden issues or encumbrances that could impact your purchase. Additionally, we liaise with relevant parties to coordinate a smooth settlement, saving you time and money in the process. View our buying property service page to learn more about how we can help when buying property in Victoria.

Selling Property

When it comes to selling your property, our experienced conveyancing-focused lawyers provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process. We assist in preparing all necessary documentation, conducting due diligence, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Our efficiency and attention to detail help you navigate potential obstacles, leading to a successful and hassle-free settlement. View our selling property service page to learn more about how we can help when selling property in Victoria.

Title Transfers

Transferring property titles involves a complex legal process. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of this procedure and guides you through it to ensure a successful transfer without any complications. We meticulously review and verify all documentation, minimising the risk of errors and issues that can arise during the transfer process. View our title transfers service page to learn more about how we can help here.

Contract Reviews & Advice

Navigating legal intricacies in property transactions is our forte. Our lawyers offer expert advice and conduct comprehensive reviews of contracts to identify any potential legal pitfalls. We guide you on the best course of action, addressing any concerns and providing solutions that align with your goals and protect your interests. View our contract advice service page to learn more about how we can help here.

First Home Buyer Purchases

Buying your first property can be overwhelming, but our team is here to ease your journey. We assist first-time home buyers by explaining the process in simple terms, answering all your queries, and providing step-by-step guidance. From reviewing contracts to coordinating with relevant parties, we ensure your first property purchase is a smooth and informed transaction. View our first home buyers service page to learn more about how we can help when buying your first property in Melbourne.

Off The Plan Purchases

Investing in properties off the plan requires careful legal consideration. Our specialized team ensures a seamless legal process for off-the-plan purchases, safeguarding your interests throughout the transaction. We meticulously review contracts, advise on important clauses, and handle the legal aspects, providing you with peace of mind. View our off-the-plan service page to learn more about how we can help get you the best outcome when making an off the plan property purchase in Victoria.

Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial property transactions involve intricate legal and regulatory frameworks. Our dedicated experts offer invaluable guidance, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements governing commercial property transactions. We help negotiate and draft contracts, conduct due diligence, and navigate the complexities to facilitate a successful commercial property transaction. View our commercial property service page to learn more about how we can help with commercial conveyancing in Victoria.

Deceased Estates Conveyancing

Handling a deceased estate is a sensitive and challenging process. Our compassionate team understands the emotional and legal complexities involved. We guide you through the conveyancing process, providing support, advice, and ensuring the deceased estate’s smooth transfer, allowing you to focus on what matters most during this difficult time. View our deceased estate service page to learn more about how we can help with conveyancing for deceased estates in Victoria.

What Our Clients Say

Con has been amazing to deal with with in regards to the recent sale of an Deceased Estate property. He kept us on track & well informed with all the legal documents. He worked well with our probate lawyers and all the executors. A pleasure to deal with - will be using Select Legal again for another upcoming sale !!!

I would highly recommend Con and the team at Select Legal. Con is professional, diligent, responsive, reliable, has excellent attention to detail and is extremely efficient. He made the process of purchasing a property and property settlement seamless and stress-free. Thank you Con!

Highly recommend Con and the team at Select Legal. Con helped us through the process of purchasing our first home, and he was great to work with! So organised and efficient with his communication, and was always happy to answer any questions we had along the way. Would highly recommend!

Con was fantastic, very thorough. Really liked how he was on top of everything. Always communicated & answered any question I had within the conveyancing process. Would highly recommend for any property purchase.

Select Legal came highly recommended by my Buyer's Agent as professional and licensed conveyancers. After having communication issues with my current solicitor, I was blown away by how on-the-ball, knowledgeable, and responsive Con Frossynos was, particularly during a last-minute contract review. When a suitable property was found, Con did made sure everything went smoothly and that I understood all the legalities of the acquisition. I will definitely engage Con again the next time I require property conveyancing in Melbourne.

Select Legal has been amazing to work with. This was my first home purchase and property transaction, and having Con doing the conveyancing transaction couldn't have been more reassuring as he guided me throughout the entire process and answered any questions I had in great detail. I would highly recommend him for anybody looking to use his services.

Conveyancing Process Explained For Buyers in Frankston South

The following steps will help you navigate the conveyancing process when buying a house:

The first stage in the process is that you locate the property that you want to buy. When you buy a property, you need to check the total cost of the transaction, not just the purchase price and ensure that the property is affordable.

Selecting Select Legal as your conveyancer is a crucial step in the conveyancing process. We are happy for you to seek referrals and read our reviews to ensure you have chosen wisely.

You need to arrange for Select Legal to review the Contract of Sale and the Vendor’s Statement. At this point, Select Legal should ask you a lot of questions about the property. There is a basic principle of ‘buyer beware’ in Victoria so you need to ensure that the Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement are an accurate reflection of what you believe you are getting when you buy the property.

Select Legal will undertake a range of searches to check whether there are any legal or financial issues related to the property. Select Legal will search the relevant certificate of title at the Land Registry. This will show all registered caveats, easements, covenants, mortgages, and mortgage discharges that affect the property. For example, there are circumstances where you need to have a caveat removed so you can proceed with the transaction.

Select Legal can also conduct other searches that determine whether the property is affected in other ways. For example, they can check whether the property is affected by land contamination.

Once all searches have been completed, Select Legal will lodge documents with the Land Registry to legally transfer the property into your name.

When both parties are happy with the contract of sale, they will exchange contracts. This is when you and the seller have officially agreed on the terms of sale and are bound by them. On settlement day, Select legal will arrange for all funds to be released and for the title deed to be transferred into your name.

Once all the money has been transferred and the title deed has been registered in your name, you will need to sign a few more documents. This is usually done in front of a representative from either the seller or Select Legal as your Melbourne Conveyancer.

The last step is getting the keys!!!

What Is The Difference Between A Conveyancer & Solicitor? Which Should You Choose For Your Frankston South Conveyancing Needs? 

Solicitors are fully fledged lawyers, they can help you with legal matters that a conveyancer might not have extensive knowledge of. Solicitors, for instance, can help you with issues such as tax implications and can connect you to relevant professionals.

A conveyancer who is not also a solicitor cannot advise on matters of property law, and may not be equipped to handle any complicated legal issues that arise during the course of settlement, equipped with broader knowledge of the law, solicitors are suited to handle complex property transactions that pose more risks.

A conveyancing solicitor is also duty bound to be available to their client when the needs arise, and can follow up any legal issues that may or may not arise in the future after the settlement process. A solicitor’s client can call upon a solicitor inititally for the service, but then for ongoing advice pertaining to the service as well as other legal enquiries.

A conveyancer will typically only have specific knowledge related to the aspects of buying and selling property. They can help you settle your sales, but they cannot help with other issues such as taxes. Conveyancers specialise in the property transaction but may not have the broader legal knowledge of a solicitor if a case becomes complicated.

Conveyancers normally close a file once the property settlement has been finalised.



Common Questions Our Conveyancing Lawyers Are Asked

The matter at hand determines our fees, so they are based upon your unique situation; however, our professional fees start at $990 + GST + Disbursements.

We offer an exceptionally high level of service & professionalism, ensuring your settlement is completed correctly & on time.

To see if we’re the right team for you – we offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a conveyancing-focused lawyer.

This consultation is an opportunity for us to discuss your situation and the process & give you all the information you require to be comfortable making a decision.

Schedule your consultation by clicking here or, to speak to someone sooner, please call (03) 9988 1286

We help our clients navigate the complex Conveyancing/Property Law area to ensure a smooth, safe & stress-free property transaction.

We can also provide services that assist in Business Purchases/Sales, Commercial Law, Wills and Estates and Debt Recovery Litigation.

If you would like to discuss any matter, we offer a complimentary consultation with one of our team.

Schedule your free consultation by clicking here or, to speak to someone sooner, please call (03) 9988 1286

There will be specific documents depending on what type of property transaction you need completed. Please contact us by calling (03) 9988 1286submitting a form here or by scheduling in your free consultation here and we will let you know.

Yes, we do have availability.

Please contact us by calling (03) 9988 1286submitting a form here or by scheduling in your free consultation here and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Absolutely – we offer a FREE, no-obligation, consultation with one of our lawyers for an opportunity to speak about your matter.

You can contact us by either calling (03) 9988 1286 or schedule in your free consultation by clicking here.

We endeavor to respond to enquiries within 24 hours.

If you contact Select Legal and don’t speak to someone right away, be confident that you will have someone from our team reach out to you very soon.

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